5 Best Fruits for Diabetics

Some said that the diabetics can’t eat fruit because of its sweet. In fact, the fiber content in the fruit is still needed by the diabetics, you know.

Many people believe that if you suffer from diabetes you must reduce the fruit consumption. This is because most of fruits have a sweet or sugar-filled taste.

This myth was broken by ADA (American Diabetes Association) which says that fruit is good for diabetes because it contains lots of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

No need to be confused, there are many fruits that are safe for diabetes. Well, here will be explained what kind of fruits that are good for diabetics.

5 sweet and safe fruits for blood sugar

Choose fruits that contain a low glycemic index because they can help control of the blood sugar levels. Here are fruits that have a low Glycemic Index that can be consumed by the diabetics.

1. Apples

One of the easiest fruits to find in a fruit shop is apple. The high content of vitamin C and fiber makes this fruit a favorite of a million people. In addition, apples also contain a fairly low of glycemic index, which is below 55. If you are lazy to peel an apple skin, don’t worry because it is the most nutritious and antioxidant part of the apple.

2. Orange

The glycemic index content which is also below 55 makes oranges one of the fruits that are good for diabetics. In addition, oranges are also rich in folic acid and potassium which can help to normalize the blood pressure. Orange juice can be an alternative if you are bored of eating fresh fruit.

3. Kiwi

Sources of potassium, fiber, and vitamin C also come from kiwi. The sour taste sensation when eating kiwi fruit and the low glycemic index content can reduce the absorption rate of glucose from other foods. This is because fiber in the kiwi contains a lot of water. Therefore, kiwi fruit is also good for the diabetics.

4. Avocado

Although the fruits with high fat content are sometimes questionable whether they should be consumed or not, avocado is fruit with low glycemic index content. This is because the fat in avocados is unsaturated fat which actually benefits for the body. In addition, this green fruit can also increase insulin sensitivity. The method of serving is also varied, consumed after being cut or made into additional sugarless juice.

5. Mango

One of the most favorite fruits in the world because of the abundant content of vitamins A and C, mangoes, is included in the list of the fruits that are good for diabetics. In addition, mangoes also contain mangiferin which can help to reduce sugar levels in the body. How to consume it also varies, ranging from fresh pieces of mango to mango juice.