5 Characteristics of a Dominant Partner and Framing in Relationship

Many people assume that their partner cares about them, so they are willing to follow all the words of their partner.

However, sometimes most of them do not realize that the concern is actually the form of the attitude of their partner who likes to frame you.

Well, so as not to be confused, these are various features and signs if your partner likes to framing and control your life.

Characteristics of a regulating partner

1. Keep you away from the closest person

Most likely this doesn’t happen immediately. First of all your couple may often complain that you spend more time with friends and family.

Over time, the reasons will increase and argue that they do not like the scope of your friendship. In the end, your partner tries to get you to stay away from your friends.

2. Criticize this and that

Criticism is good for building and becoming a better person. However, if you get too much criticism, it is certainly not good and can reduce your confidence.

A regulating partner will usually criticize many things, from the way you dress, how to walk, even when you eat and drink. They will criticize every little thing you do and make you follow all their wishes.

The partner might not consider their criticism to cause major problems. However, how true are the criticisms, if it is too often uttered, can make you feel inferior and not accepted as is.

3. Don’t respect your privacy time

Another way to weaken your ‘voice’ in a relationship is to disrupt your privacy time. A partner who likes to organize usually likes to forbid you to spend time for yourself.

Usually a partner thinks that you don’t want to spend time with them, so they don’t like you having your own time. In fact, everyone really needs time for themselves.

4. Less respect for opinions

You might begin to realize that your partner often cuts the conversations or doesn’t even consider you at all. Most likely this is because your couple wants to dominate in your conversation.

Besides that, you also don’t remember the last time they asked a question about your story. This is because your partner is happy to arrange the topic of conversation between you two. Try to remember when you two are fighting, whether your partner accepts advice or just doesn’t listen to it at all.

5. Make you doubt

You have a dream to become a graphic designer, but your partner assures you that the quality you have is far from good. Or before you were very eager to go to school abroad, your couple just banishes the dream convincingly if you can’t.

Embedded mindset is caused by the partners who like to set and make you not confident. This is one way that you are more dependent on them, so that your partner becomes dominance in this relationship.

Should we end this relationship?

Actually, if we can take over the steering wheel in this relationship and talk about it together, this relationship might be saved. However, if you experience these things below, maybe indeed it’s the time to end the relationship.

1. Not being yourself

Too often arranged by your partner forced you to change who you are. Starting from the taste of clothing that changed dramatically because it was controlled by a partner, to change the personality becomes more insecure. Be honest with yourself, do you like your version like this?

We all have our own weaknesses and dark side. However, if this regulating partner actually brings out the worst side of us, it will be difficult to enjoy this relationship for a long time.

2. Not feel loved

The advantage of a relationship is to feel loved. There are times when the situation is out of control and makes you very sad. That’s where our couple should support us. Instead of criticizing and blaming us for what happened. It’s time to let them go and find someone who can really understand our strengths.

Ending a relationship is indeed very difficult. However, if you can be honest and give priority to the happiness of yourself, isn’t that very pleasant. The burden that has been borne because the partner likes to organize can be released and you can be yourself completely.