Easy Peasy 5:2 Diet

Have you ever heard about 5: 2 diet? The diet is called 5: 2 because you are required to eat regularly for five days, and reduce the amount of calorie intake drastically on the other two days.

The target of the 5: 2 diet is to reduce calorie intake to only one quarter of the total calorie intake routinely. For example, a person’s daily calorie target is 2,000 calories. So, on two days of “fasting”, that person can only consume 500 calories.

5:2 Diet

The most important thing is that the two days of fasting should not be sequential. For example, do it every Tuesday and Friday or Monday and Wednesday. Because, our body still needs calories and nutrients to stay fit and healthy. However, the food that you chose to consume is not limited.

The 5: 2 diet focuses on limiting the number of calories on two fasting days. This method can make you more satisfied with your diet, because it is not too tight, right? Even so, that does not mean we can eat freely in the remaining five days. Stick to the healthy eating patterns, and avoid fast foods or sugary foods.

Benefits of 5:2

There are a number of benefits that can be obtained by running a 5: 2 diet pattern. Like reducing the risk of diabetes type 2, and losing weight for sure. To achieve your desired weight, you must eat amount calories less than the number that you burn.

The Nutritionists call it a calorie deficit. If followed correctly, a 5: 2 diet can be a simple and “right on target” way to cut calories, thus helping us burn excess fat.

Although there are not many studies that discuss diet 5: 2 specifically, we can use the previous studies on intermittent fasting as the foundation.

A research of the Annual Review of Nutrition noted, in animal studies, a diet similar to intermittent fasting could help reduce fat texture and fat-storing cells.

The study noted that intermittent fasting was as effective as calorie restriction, in order to achieve the target of weight loss and improve metabolic health. Is this diet safe for everyone? This diet can be an alternative for some people who want to run a diet plan that is not too strict, but not for everyone.

People who have lower blood sugar level are easily dizzy and tired, so they are not to apply this kind of diet.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are also prohibited from fasting. Meanwhile, children and adolescents need to follow the doctor’s advice if they want to run it.

In addition, people who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes need to consult with a doctor first.

Dietary habit of 5: 2

There is no standard dietary for two fasting days on this 5: 2 diet, because everyone has a different body response. In principle, on these two days of fasting, you must only consume 5 percent of your total calorie intake.

Some people start with a light breakfast to energize them when doing activities. But for some others, breakfast makes them feel hungrier at the rest of the day. This kind of people may need to wait for the right hour to eat heavily.

Therefore, the eating plan can be different for each person. Some people apply the following eating patterns on two fasting days: – Breakfast in small portions, lunch late, and not have a dinner. – One big meal at dinner or breakfast.

Food Choices

1. High Fiber Vegetables

For a beginner, eating more vegetables can help them feel fuller. Vegetables have lower calories than animal products and whole grains.

That is, choose vegetables as your snack. Salad and dark green leafy vegetables can be the right choice of foods to fill you with low calories.

2. Protein

Protein plays a very important role to keep us full for two fasting days. Focus on low-fat protein sources, such as fish, eggs, nuts, tofu, and others. Don’t forget to avoid excess oil when processing food by frying. Choose the process by roasting, boiling or burning.

3. Black berries

Most fruits contain lots of sugar. But not in black berry fruits, like blackberries and blueberries. Black berries can also be filler without adding a lot of calories.

You can also choose soup, a filling food which doesn’t add a lot of calories. Water can also help you to be full and very important for your body.

If you want to drink coffee or tea, try not to add sweeteners. Because for some people, drinking coffee or tea can stimulate their digestive system and make them feel hungry. Herbal tea is another option to help increase your fluid intake.