6 Daily Habits that Harm Your Spine

The frequency of bowing could make the spine hurt. In fact, it’s not just this habit that makes your spine ache and have a back pain. There are various unconscious of bad habits that can harm your spine.

The routines that we unknowingly can damage the spine must be avoided. Now, we must to find out more about these habits.

Let’s look at what are the daily activities that make your spine ache.

1. Body posture when sitting

A sitting position that is bent can damage the spine, back pain, inhibit breathing, and cause headaches. Therefore, from now on try to get used to sitting up straight without bending. You can choose an ergonomic office chair to help if you have problem with bent sitting.

2. Smoking

The results of a study say that when you smoke, the chances of your spine getting sick and to experience back pain have 3 times greater than people who do not smoke.

The content in cigarettes can interfere with the circulatory system, including the backbone. In addition, backbone pads also break faster. Blood flow is not smooth and damaged pads keep you complaining about back pain. So, try to reduce cigarettes gradually until you can eliminate this habit.

3. Too much food

If you are the type of person who can gain weight in a short time by overeating, be careful because your habits can damage your spine. Excess weight can stretch your back bones and muscles, including the spine. Try to replace the foods with low calories.

4. Wear high heels

You might use more back muscles when using high heels. Well, the use of these shoes can hurt our spine because it can interfere with body posture and damage our spine. It is recommended to use a model shoe like this with a short period of time, to prevent the pain and strengthen muscles.

5. Lifting goods

The way you lift things also contributes to the pain in your spine. This activity that is very common in our lives can give unnatural pressure to our spine.

Therefore, there is the right way when carrying goods. Try to align your feet with your shoulders, when bending, try to bend your hips and knees, and hold the load close to your body.

6. Eat sweet foods

The choice of food can also be the reason behind the pain in our spine. Too much food with high sugar levels can also cause the inflammation and reduce the nutrient intake in the body.

Therefore, multiply eating foods that contain high protein and fiber, such as avocados or salmon. Both can build stronger muscle and bone tissue. Do not forget to also meet the intake of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D.

Once we know what daily habits can actually damage our spine, let’s reduce the chance of the pain so that our spine doesn’t hurt and cause us discomfort.