Why Not Losing Weight on Keto Diet|6 Mistakes

Keto diet has become a popular diet pattern that is claimed to be effective in losing weight.

But, not everyone who practices this diet pattern gets the expected results.

Sometimes, when applying this diet we don’t realize some of the mistakes we make.

In fact, that mistake makes our goal fail to have an ideal body weight.

Reported by Men’s Health, here these following six errors in the keto diet that make it difficult to lose weight.

1. Eat too many calories

Keto diet are dietary patterns that limit carbohydrate intake and increase fat intake, which is quite calorie dense.

In every gram of fat contains 9 calories, while in every gram of carbohydrate contains 4 calories.

So, when we reduce the amount of carbohydrates and replace them with fat, we might increase the number of calories in our diet.

According to Ginger Hultin, as an expert on nutrition and diet, the ketogenic diet is designed to use fat as an energy source.

So, if we consume too many calories for daily needs, there is a possibility that the fat that we consumes buried in our body.

If we are going to try the keto diet, we should consult a dietitian to determine how many calories from fat we should consume for daily needed.

2. The body does not really experience ketosis

It needs a certain calculation to find out our body experiencing a ketosis. Without actually analyzing of our food intake, it is difficult to know whether the body is fully in ketosis or not.

Hultin said we need low carbohydrate intake in this diet.

The kind of foods like rice, potatoes, bread, vegetables containing starch, any kind of juice or candy are likely to push us beyond the recommended carbohydrate limit.

We can easily lose track of ketosis in the body, especially when consuming carbohydrate foods that seem harmless.

Therefore, it is best to choose low carbohydrate foods such as green vegetables or berries.

“Everyone is different. What makes one person experience ketosis can be different for others,” Hultin said.

When there is no change in body weight, it might be better if we check the ketogenic status that we experience.

“The best way to find out the exact ketosis process is through a blood test, but it is invasive and must be recommended and carried out by a doctor,” he said.

We can ask for help from a doctor to test our blood. Drew Manning, as a keto expert, said we could give blood keto monitors online or some test strips if the doctor allowed them.

3. Stress or pressure in the mind

When the diet we do doesn’t work, there can be other hormones in the body that play a role.

This hormone is cortisol which is produced by the body when we are stressed, causing fat to remain in the body.

Increased cortisol levels which are a result of stress, anxiety, or lack of sleep, Hultin said, can complicate weight loss.

“Cortisol is the hormone ‘fight or flight’. So when the production increases, the body cannot burn fat properly,” he added.

 So that we are not easily attacked by stress, make sure we have enough sleep patterns and have a healthy diet.

In addition, we also have to do activities that make the mind relax like sports, reading good books, taking a bath or watching a movie.

4. Erratic of the ketosis process

When the ketosis process in the body is erratic, it will certainly inhibit the weight loss.

It takes time for the body to burn fat properly. So, this is not an instant process.

“No doubt, the ketogenic diet is restrictive. It takes time, planning, and perseverance to do it, “Hultin said.

Unfortunately, some people on this diet are not even disciplined. They actually consume more carbohydrates, whether intentional or not.

5. Too much sweet foods

Don’t assume sweet foods, even though they are low in carbohydrates, have high nutrition.

Even though it looks delicious, some foods sometimes still have high calories.

So, if we still eat sweet foods regularly, our weight will not decrease.

 Manning recommends that we eat sweets or desserts only once a week, even though these foods contain low carbohydrates.

“There are no best or worst desserts in the keto diet. The problem is, desserts are usually high in calories and can trigger a higher appetite,” he said.

Although these foods seemed to fit the nutrients needed in the diet, in the end it would only cause problems.

Sweet foods can trick the mind so that we continue to consume them.

 6. Not careful when consuming dairy products

Some dairy products can prevent the ketosis process. Some products such as yogurt and two percent milk have a high amount of carbohydrates.

In fact, one cup of milk contains 13 grams of carbohydrates. The taste in yogurt foam is a high source of carbohydrates.

So, even though it looks healthy, eating yogurt juice can make us eat more carbohydrates.

Only consume high-fat dairy products.