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Be Careful, 8 of These Behaviors Makes Ruin Your Relationship

When we have a serious relationship, we often focus on big things, and it feels great to make our couple happy. However, there are times when small things that really matter are forgotten and make the relationship tenuous. Reporting from Reader’s Digest, starting from the habit of checking the cell phones to not respect the

Does Drinking Coffee Help Reduce the Stress Problem

Each person has their own way to relieve their stress. Some feel that their minds are clearer after listening to music, going to the park, or just drinking coffee. Yes, some people think of coffee as an effective drink to deal with stress. However, there are also those who say that drinking coffee when stressed

The Best Type of Music That Suitable for Sleeping

There are many ways you can do when you have trouble in sleeping. Such as turning off the room lights, installing aromatherapy or listening to bedtime music. You may still be confused when choosing a song. Does it really have to be a mellow or rock song, or it is just base on your favorite

Best Keto Meal Plan Safely for Beginners

The ketogenic weight loss plan focuses on foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates. If normal fat consumption is limited to about 20-30% of daily needs, the ketogenic diet recommends fat intake up to 60-70%. The carbohydrate intake is also greatly reduced to only 5% of daily needs in general. As a

Is It True Not Wearing Underwear Make Us Healthier?

Underwear has become part of our daily clothing. Before wearing clothes, underwear always wraps early. Even when going to bed, some people are reluctant to take off their underwear. But some people apparently chose not to wear underwear at certain times. Is it true that it is actually healthier? According to Dr. Alyssa Dweck, obstetrician

Easy Ways to Treat Insomnia: Without the Sleeping Pills

Sleep deprivation implicate several of declining physical functions, ranging from low concentration to weaken the immune system. However, that does not mean we have to rely on sleeping pills when the insomnia attack. The most common causes of insomnia are anxiety, stress, and poor sleep habits. “Chronic insomnia affects about 6-7 percent of men aged

Recognize These Basics Concepts on Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been named as the best diet of this year. If you want to live it, you need to understand the basic concepts of this diet. It is not just a diet; many health experts call the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle. This diet is inspired by people in the Mediterranean region

Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast in 2019

U.S. News and World Report always release the best type of diet for every each year. A panel which are from number of nutritionists, diabetes specialists, cardiologists and weight loss experts analyzed 41 types of diets circulating in the community. They are including the keto diet, Weight Watchers and Atkins. And for this year, the

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes on a Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet or better known as the keto diet is a diet that limits carbohydrate intake. Because of these restrictions, this diet is able to lose weight quickly. The keto diet can also reduce the blood sugar levels. Those who run this diet replace carbohydrates with foods that are high in protein and fat.

Don’t Give Up Halfway: Things You Should Do Before the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet that limits the carbohydrate intake. Because of these restrictions, this diet is able to make you lose weight quickly. The keto diet can also reduce the blood sugar levels. This diet was initially used by diabetics. Keto diets are considered capable of helping the diabetics to control their blood