What Is C Reactive Protein Quant

What Is C Reactive Protein Quant? C-reactive protein (CRP) is acute-segment protein that rises in response to infectious and noninfectious inflammatory tactics. C-reactive protein (CRP) is produced through the liver. Its level rises when there’s infection for your frame. although the c-reactive protein degree does now not provide any specifics approximately the inflammatory method occurring in the body (together with the place of the inflammation), it has been linked to atherosclerotic vascular disease (narrowing of blood vessels) via many studies.


What Is C Reactive Protein Quant
What Is C Reactive Protein Quant


One study found that testing for CRP levels is a better indicator of cardiovascular disease (CVD) than the LDL test. But, it’s important to know that a CRP test is not a test for heart disease. It’s a test for inflammation in the body.

Some fact about C Reactive Protein Quant

Vitamin C supplements can reduce levels of C-reactive protein, a marker of inflammation and chronic disease risk in humans, according to a new study led by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley.

Participants who took about 500 milligrams of vitamin C supplements per day saw a 24 percent drop in plasma C-reactive protein (CRP) levels after two months. The study, published in the April issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, is the first time vitamin C has been shown to decrease levels of CRP, a biomarker that has garnered increasing attention among health researchers in recent years.

C Reactive Protein test

It is important to recognize that CRP, similar to other markers of irritation, can be elevated due to any inflammatory system or infection and, therefore, its interpretation wishes cautious assessment of the entire scientific photo by the ordering medical doctor. other inflammatory procedures, consisting of active arthritis, trauma, or infections, can boost the c-reactive protein stage independently.

A easy blood draw is the most effective thing important to decide your CRP ranges. The phlebotomist will swab the region on the internal of your elbow or again of the hand with an antiseptic answer. subsequent, he’ll insert a needle into a vein to draw blood into a vial. The blood is mixed with antiserum on the lab to isolate C-reactive protein.

The standards for a normal test result vary by lab, but generally, no CRP is present in the blood for a negative test. If your levels of CRP are low, it doesn’t mean that inflammation is absent.

The CRP test is used in the diagnosis of IBS to rule out inflammatory conditions, which may have similar symptoms to IBS. The CRP test is a general test – it does not specify where inflammation in the body may be or what the cause is. Generally, patients with IBS have a normal CRP result, which would show that there is no CRP present in the blood.


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