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Don’t Give Up Halfway: Things You Should Do Before the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is a diet that limits the carbohydrate intake. Because of these restrictions, this diet is able to make you lose weight quickly. The keto diet can also reduce the blood sugar levels. This diet was initially used by diabetics. Keto diets are considered capable of helping the diabetics to control their blood

The Keys to Success in Loss Weight

When someone tries to lose weight, exercise is the main answer aside from changing dietary habit. However, many people still question how much exercise should be done to reach the target weight? A sprinter, a NASM certified personal trainer and first level Nutritionist trainer, Tamara Pridgett, explained her views. For Beginners According to Pridgett, the

Easy Peasy 5:2 Diet

Have you ever heard about 5: 2 diet? The diet is called 5: 2 because you are required to eat regularly for five days, and reduce the amount of calorie intake drastically on the other two days. The target of the 5: 2 diet is to reduce calorie intake to only one quarter of the