Why Eating Slowly Help to Losing Weight?

In fact, eating slowly can make you full faster. That is why this eating habit will be very suitable for those of you who intend to lose weight.

By feeling full faster, it will help you not to eat frantically and accumulate the excess of calories in your body. However, why can eating slowly make you full quickly?

Eating slowly has been proven to reduce the amount of the food that you usually consume.

This is due to an increase in the levels of the hormones that control you from hunger when you don’t eat in a hurry.

By eating slowly, the brain has time to receive a series of signals from the hormones that released by the digestive tract.

One of the receptor in the stomach nerve can directly signal the brain through the vagus nerve that connects the intestine and brain stem. This signal is usually released when food is partially digested in the small intestine. The hormone cholecystokinin will be released by the intestine in response to food consumed during meals.

In addition to the hormone cholecystokinin, the hormone leptin released by fat cells will strengthen the signal to increase the feeling of fullness. Quoted from the page of Harvard Health Publishing, leptin interacts with dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain to produce the feelings of pleasure after eating.

These various stimuli and interactions require time. Therefore, you tend to be full faster when eating slowly because the brain, nervous system, and hormones can influence and stimulate one another.

The benefits of eating slowly

If your body is full faster you will automatically eat fewer calories. If you eat fewer calories, the risk of obesity will automatically decrease. In fact, you can experience a substantial weight loss if applied every day.

Besides helping to lose weight, eating slowly also has several other benefits such as:

-Makes you enjoy the food more.

-Increasing the digestive health.

-Helps the body to absorb the nutrients more optimally.

-Keep the teeth healthy.

-Makes you more calm and in control.

For that, there’s no harm in eating slowly. Enjoy every chew and don’t rush.