Notice 1392 supplemental form w 4

Notice 1392 supplemental form w 4 – Form W-4 or worker’s Withholding Allowance certificate is an inner sales provider (IRS) tax shape finished by means of an worker inside the u.s. to suggest his or her tax to the company. The W-four form tells the organization the perfect amount of tax to withhold from an worker’s paycheck.

The W-4 is primarily based at the concept of “allowances”; the more allowances an worker claims, the much less money the employer withholds for tax functions. One may declare allowances for oneself, one’s spouse, and any dependents, together with other miscellaneous reasons (such as being unmarried with most effective one process).

Notice 1392 supplemental form w 4The W-4 form consists of a sequence of worksheets for calculating the number of allowances to claim. One ought to provide a few private records and report the whole allowances and further withholding amounts at the real shape.

Notice 1392 supplemental form w 4
Notice 1392 supplemental form w 4

The employee have to tear off this certificate and hand it to their corporation.One may request an exemption from employer withholding if one had no income tax in the previous year and does not expect to owe any taxes in the current year.

Tax withholding depends on the employee’s personal situation and ideally should be equal to the annual tax due on the Form 1040. When filling out a Form W-4 an employee calculates the number of Form W-4 allowances to claim based on his or her expected tax filing situation for the year. No interest is paid on over-withholding, but penalties might be imposed for under-withholding.

Notice 1392 supplemental form w 4

On January 26th, IRS published Notice 1392 regarding the special instructions for Non Resident Aliens (NRA) receiving compensation in the United States. NRAs must follow special instructions to complete Form W-4. Com­pensation for dependent personal services includes amounts paid as wages, salaries, fees, bonuses, commissions, compen­satory scholarships, fellowship income, and similar payments made to NRAs as employees.

Compensation paid to a nonresident alien for performing personal services as an employee in the United States is subject to graduated withholding. Compensation for personal services also includes amounts paid as a scholarship or fellowship grant to the extent it represents payment for past, present, or future services performed as an employee in the United States. NRAs must complete Form W-4 using the modified instructions provided later, so that employers can withhold the correct amount of federal income tax from compensation paid for personal services performed in the United States. This Notice modifies the instructions on Form W-4 to take into account the restrictions on a nonresident alien’s filing status, the limited number of personal exemptions allowed, and the restriction on claiming the standard deduction.


NRAs working in the United States should pay particular attention to the following lines when completing 2011 Form W-4.


  • SSN: NRA must enter a Social Security Number on line 2. If the worker filing the Form W-4 doesn’t have a SSN, he or she must apply for one on Form SS-5, Application for a Social Security Card. An individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) may not be entered on line 2 of Form W-4.
  • Filing Status: NRAs should check the “single” box, regardless of their actual marital status.
  • Total Number of Allowances: Generally, NRA should claim only one withholding allowance. However, if the individual is a resident of Canada, Mexico, or South Korea, or a student or business apprentice from India, or a U.S. national, the nonresident alien may be able to claim additional allowances for his/her spouse or children. IRS Publication 519 should be consulted for more specific information. If the person completing Form W-4 has more than one job, the total number of allowances should be determined, and no more than that amount should be claimed on all of the Forms W-4 combined. The IRS notes that withholding is usually most accurate when all allowances are claimed on the Form W-4 for the highest paying job, and zero allowances claimed for the other jobs.
  • Additional Withholding Allowance: NRAs should write “nonresident alien” or “NRA” on the dotted line, and indicate the additional amount, if any, that they would like to have withheld.
  • Exemption from Withholding: NRAs should not claim exemption from withholding, even if they meet both of the conditions set forth on Line 7.

There are many exceptions available to NRAs, for example, their income may be exempt from United States tax under a treaty. Employers should ask NRA employees to carefully review these special instructions in completing the 2011 Form W-4.


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