Why Eating Slowly Help to Losing Weight?

In fact, eating slowly can make you full faster. That is why this eating habit will be very suitable for those of you who intend to lose weight. By feeling full faster, it will help you not to eat frantically and accumulate the excess of calories in your body. However, why can eating slowly make

Healthy Diet >> 8 Tips to Lose Weight and Improve Health

It is the common knowledge, if everyone would want an ideal body with the smallest possible weight. For the sake of realizing their dream, many people who have a weight that they feel are not ideal for going on a diet. Diet is indeed one of the effective ways to lose weight. One of them

The Magical Benefits of Consumption Apple Routinely

You surely remember the saying that eating an apple every day can keep you away from a doctor. It is undeniable that the regular consumption of apples every day can provide many health benefits. Apples are fruits that contain lots of nutrients and are highly nutritious. Large apples with a diameter of 7 cm, on

Mediterranean Diet Tips to Reduce Weight Effectively

According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, a Mediterranean diet is a low-fat diet that has a greater chance of succeeding for and its long-term nature compared to other similar diets. Besides that, the waist circumference will also experience a steady and continuous reduction in size. Many mistakenly think that

The Rules of Eating Before Exercising

Eating before exercise actually helps us to fulfill the energy and help the body to stabilize the blood sugar. The problem is, many people are afraid of lack of energy, and then consume a lot of food with a full portion. In fact, this habit is a wrong thing that can cause health problems. For

Why Not Losing Weight on Keto Diet|6 Mistakes

Keto diet has become a popular diet pattern that is claimed to be effective in losing weight. But, not everyone who practices this diet pattern gets the expected results. Sometimes, when applying this diet we don’t realize some of the mistakes we make. In fact, that mistake makes our goal fail to have an ideal

How long can humans survive without sleep?

Experts recommend that we should sleep around 7 to 9 hours every night. Our body needs regular sleep to be able to perform important physiological functions, such as to repair muscle (tissue), memory and hormone synthesis. However, for modern society each time we are required to be constantly productive. Sometimes we sacrifice our sleeping time

Cheating Spouse? Check out these 12 Hidden Signs

Infidelity is not as simple as we thought. In addition to the different types (there is a physical affair and emotional infidelity); some suspicious signs from the lover also do not always seem obvious.  Some psychologists and behavioral experts explain the existence of hidden signs that can be suspected of the behavior of lovers. If

The Stress Effects on Your Skin

We all face stress, whether it is related to work, and family problems, to traffic jams on the road as if you are not going to anywhere. Everyone certainly doesn’t want to be friends with stress, so does with our skin. As the largest organ in the body, the skin is also affected by the