Platinum Supplemental Insurance Reviews

Platinum supplemental insurance reviews – in relation to supplemental insurance, you can get additional insurance for a number of situations or makes use of. One type of supplemental plan, clinic indemnity coverage, affords fixed coins blessings for blanketed offerings, including medical institution stays for emergencies and outpatient offerings. For situations concerning a critical circumstance or infection, there are policies that provide to help pay out-of-pocket expenses for coronary heart attacks, strokes, heart surgical procedures, most cancers and other illnesses.

Platinum supplemental insurance reviews
Platinum supplemental insurance reviews

Platinum supplemental insurance reviews – What is supplemental insurance?

Supplemental insurance pays blessings directly to you and allows you cowl charges your primary coverage doesn’t. in the beginning, the idea of supplemental insurance may additionally sound redundant: if you have already got insurance, why might you bear in mind greater? the solution, quite truly, is that primary insurance which includes your medical health insurance covers handiest a portion of the overall expenses you may want assist with within the event of illness or harm.

Here Are a Few Examples of Supplemental Health Insurance Plan Types:


  • Dental insurance for adults
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Vision Insurance Plans
  • Disability Insurance
  • Supplemental Travel Insurance for Healthcare coverage when you are outside your health insurance network
  • Long term care insurance
  • Short term health insurance coverage
  • Medicare or Medicaid Supplemental Plans

Who Should Get a Supplemental Health Insurance Plan?


Do you want supplemental health insurance plans in case you already have medical health insurance? That depends to your chance factors and what sort of coverage you need, or what you need to be insured for. Supplemental plans are elective. it’s miles absolutely up to you to determine if the benefits provided with the aid of a plan are really worth the investment in top class that you’ll pay.

For Example: If you know that your children will need insurance to cover orthodontic care in the coming years, and buying a better dental plan to supplement your benefits will allow you to get them braces, then  you may decide a supplemental dental insurance plan may be worth it.

Another example would be if you know that you could not afford the costs of long term care, or the loss of income if you were diagnosed with cancer, then long term care or critical illness may be a good investment for you to consider.

Where to Get a Supplemental Health Plan?


Supplemental health plans are sold by private insurers, they are not generally sold through the ACA healthcare marketplace.


  • Check with your employer to find out if there are any extended benefits on your health plan at work which include supplemental health plan benefits. For examples, may employers may include extended vision, dental or short term disability benefits. If your insurance does not offer this, also check the insurance provided by your spouse or domestic partner, it may make sense to go with their insurance if these additional coverages are available. It is becoming more common for employers offer added benefits as part of an employee retention strategy, so it is worth asking about.
  • You can contact a private insurer or contact a health insurance broker to search private insurers for you when looking for the best private health insurance plans.
  • For Medicare, you can use to find a plan.


Platinum supplemental insurance reviews

Platinum Supplemental Insurance was founded in 1995 in Dubuque, Iowa. The company founders saw the need to provide cost-effective, benefit-rich supplemental insurance policies that help protect rural families from the severe financial distress that can arise when a family member is fighting critical illness or injury. Platinum is dedicated to enhancing the lives of its customers, representatives and employees by delivering exceptional value and customer service at all times; offering unmatched opportunities to enhance financial security; and operating with unwavering passion, integrity and concern for others. Over the past two decades, the company has grown from seven sales representatives to nearly 200 sales representatives and over 100 corporate employees.


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