4 Bad Effects of Consumption Artificial Sweeteners for Your Health

Not many people realize that the snacks and packaging drinks that we consume daily are actually made with the addition of artificial sweeteners.

In the processed foods such as gum, jam, soda and syrup there are also ingredients of artificial sweeteners.

The calories in artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucrose, cyclamate and aspartame are indeed quite safe and do not increase the blood sugar too drastically.

But eating it in excess or too often can triggers the danger of artificial sweeteners.

 Just like natural sugar, most consumption of artificial sweeteners also saves a lot of risk for long-term health problems.

Health problems that arise due to artificial sweeteners

1. Overweight / obese

Excessive intake of artificial sugar can eventually turn off your appetite control system. This in turn can disrupt the body’s metabolic work.

This condition then causes disruption of the production of the hormone insulin. This makes you always hungry even though you have snacked a lot.

Moreover, most artificial sweetened foods, including low calories, make the body think you are still malnourished.

This encourages the tendency of cravings which then increases your motivation to eat more.

So the more often and more sugar you consume, the higher the risk of increasing the fat on your waist and abdomen. This is what increases the risk of being overweight to obesity.

This sweetening effect has been proven by many scientific studies.

San Antonio Heart Study observes the drastic changes in body weight in adult men and women who like to eat artificial sweetened foods for 7-8 years.

2. Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of health problems caused by disruption in the workings of the body’s metabolic system.

You are generally said to have metabolic syndrome if you have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, or a combination of all those three.

A number of international studies have proven that excessive consumption of artificial sweetened foods and beverages can increase a person’s risk of developing metabolic syndrome.

If you consume sugar excessively and continuously, the effect will disrupt the work of various vital organs of the body involved in the metabolic system.  Starting from the liver, kidney, heart, and hormonal system.

Having a metabolic syndrome can increase your risk of having a sudden stroke.

3. Type 2 diabetes

It’s common knowledge that people who like to eat and drink sweets are at risk of developing diabetes.

Because the more you consume sugar, your body will increase the production of the hormone insulin.

Insulin actually acts to process sugar from food into energy. But when the body’s insulin levels and sugar levels are high, the body will develop a condition called insulin resistance which triggers diabetes.

Diabetes is the mother of all diseases. This means that when you get diabetes, chances are there will be other complications that follow it. They are blindness, hypertension, heart disease, even cancer.

4. High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease

There have been many studies prove that excessive sugar consumption can interfere with the work of the heart to pump blood.

Other studies have shown that excessive consumption of artificial sweeteners can increase the blood pressure and stimulate the liver to remove fat into the bloodstream.

The more fat in the blood cause the blood pressure grow higher, and the higher your risk of experiencing hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). This combination of three can increase the risk of heart disease.