6 Light Sports That Are Worth Trying Before Working (For Busy People)

For people who are busy working from the morning to the evening, providing the time to exercise may not be an easy matter. Fortunately, there are a number of minor exercise movements that you can do before working in the morning. These movements are very simple and don’t take much time so you can make it a routine without worrying about being late for the work.

Exercising in the morning has a number of benefits. In addition to improving the mood during the day, this activity is also able to improve the brain ability and maintain your productivity while at work.

A research conducted by Appalachian State University also shows the other benefits of regular morning exercise, it is including lowering the blood pressure and improving the quality of your sleep. Both are important factors to go through the routine well in the next day.

In addition, a good quality sleeping can also help your body control the hormones that regulate hunger. This hormone plays a role in gaining weight. Therefore, the morning exercise routine will be very beneficial for those of you who are in a diet.

A variety of light sports that can be done before work

You can exercise with or without special tools, both inside and outside the home. You just need to adjust it to the tools available at home and how much time you have before leaving for work.

Here are some light exercises before work that you can do:

1. Walk or jog

If you have more free time before leaving for work, then you can try outdoor sports such as walking or jogging. Start by walking fast, and then continue with running for 30 minutes.

Pause every 10 minutes. Aerobic exercise is useful for maintaining the heart health and the blood pressure. Your body will also burn up to 140-295 calories.

2. Exercise using barbells

Barbell exercises are a type of flexible exercise that can be combined with a variety of movements. For example squats, front and side lunges, lunge with bicep curls, deadlift, and so on. This exercise will strengthen the muscle tissue, maintain the health of the circulatory system, and can burn up to 110 calories.

3. Cat-camel stretch

Begin the stretching motion by resting on both palms and knees. Then, bend your back so you can see the stomach area. Align your back and keep your head flat until your back is curved. Do this light exercise 4-5 times before you go to work.

4. Jumping jacks

Start by standing in a straight position and meeting feet together. Then, jump while stretching your arms and legs. Return to the starting position and repeat again. Do these light motions for one minute, and then add the duration little by little.

5. Basic yoga movements

There are various basic yoga movements that you can do, and one of the simplest movements that don’t require a lot of space is the tree pose.

To do this, you simply stand on one leg while lifting the other leg. Position your hands as if crossing. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes, and then repeat by resting on your other leg.

6. Hip abductor side lifts

Lie down facing the right side with your right hand folded resting on your head and left hand at the waist. Gently lift your left leg, and then lower it. Repeat this movement 10-15 times, and then do it again on the left side of the body. During lifting your legs, keep your hips from moving.

The various minor exercise movements that you do before going to work are of great benefit to your health in the future. These movements not only nourish your circulatory system, but also can improve the posture that is disturbed due to too long sitting in a chair. When you are used to the light movements, you can continue the morning exercise routine with exercises that are more in intensity. However, adjust this exercise to your abilities. Perform sports movements according to the procedure to avoid side effects such as sprains and injuries.