Be Careful, 8 of These Behaviors Makes Ruin Your Relationship

When we have a serious relationship, we often focus on big things, and it feels great to make our couple happy.

However, there are times when small things that really matter are forgotten and make the relationship tenuous.

Reporting from Reader’s Digest, starting from the habit of checking the cell phones to not respect the couple, here are 8 things that make the relationship with the partner is not harmonious.

1. Mobile phones are a priority

Today we live where cell phones are always “friends”, both inside and outside the home. As a result, checking cell phones is a habit that is difficult to avoid.

But, it’s not something that is good, and can be risky for relationships.

According to psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, these habits often make relationships broken.

The solution, continued Lieberman, is to turn off the telephone when having dinner, making love, or doing something else where the couple expects full of attention.

2. Excessive jealousy

According to counseling expert Michele Kerulis, jealousy in relationships usually arises out of fear of being abandoned and not feeling good enough.

 “Jealousy can come from insecurity, lack of trust, fear of betrayal, low self-confidence to life experiences,” Kerulis said.

To deal with this situation, he suggests talking to your partner about feelings and worries experienced.

 “Take the time to talk to your partner about certain situations that make you feel jealous and explain what is the reason,” suggested Kerulis.

“If you see a pattern of persistent jealousy, whether it’s in a romantic relationship, friendship, or with a family member, then you can talk to a counseling expert to understand the feelings more deeply.”

3. Grumble and complain

A nagging couple can quickly create tension and division.

“I suggest practicing to keep words, prioritize and consider approaches,” said relationship expert Melanie Ross Mills.

Instead of getting angry, according to Mills, it is better to wait until the right time to discuss what is disturbing.

“Be patient if he is not ready when discussing this issue. Ask them to tell when the time is right,” she said.

4. Does not respect your partner

It can be a disaster for relationships if you feel hard to appreciate the small things your partner did.

Therefore, according to Mills, appreciating is a good discipline of life to be developed.

She suggested respecting every effort the couple did, even if it was a small thing.

5. Lack of communication

Communication is an important part of a relationship. The absence of an open dialogue or effective communication system can lead to feelings of resentment, misunderstanding, hurt, and feelings of disrespect.

 “Instead of allowing minor violations to deteriorate, open the conversation at the right time,” Mills said.

“Don’t let too much time pass that can cause you to harbor true feelings. Share with your partner what happened to you every day. “

6. Loss of control of yourself

Often people in relationships lose control of themselves, to continue to grow, learn and develop.

 “Don’t forget to have your own life. Take time to do things that you like, rather than waiting for your partner to be interested in the same interests. “She said.

“Believe it or not, this actually makes you more attractive. You contribute to the dynamics of relationships because they have interest, interest and confidence.”

7. Fight with your partner through a text message

Fighting is not the thing you want in a relationship, whether near or far from your partner.

“Couples who are in a long distance relationship or a partner who is not in the same environment as their partner are likely to be involved in a textual quarrel,” said psychiatrist Gabriella I. Farkas

“Fighting via text is one of the bad habits, which in the end can lead to more complicated relationships.”

 That is the worst way to communicate the feelings. It could be, according to Farkas, you are constantly sending messages that actually hurt your partner’s feelings.

“Instead of fighting through text where there is no way to emphasize or convey emotions correctly, it is important to sit and wait until there is an opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation.”

8. Don’t want to try new things

New things in relationships can be something different. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with doing things that can make the relationship more interesting and not bored.