Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast in 2019

U.S. News and World Report always release the best type of diet for every each year.

A panel which are from number of nutritionists, diabetes specialists, cardiologists and weight loss experts analyzed 41 types of diets circulating in the community. They are including the keto diet, Weight Watchers and Atkins.

best diet 2019

And for this year, the Mediterranean diet came at the top of the list.

The Mediterranean diet is ranked first for several categories, including the best heart-healthy diet category and the best plant-based diet category.

The diet that has existed since the 1960’s has the concept of only eating natural foods which are processed from fresh ingredients, not packaged or frozen products, and avoiding all kind of artificial nutrition.

Therefore, this diet prioritizes you to eat various types of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fresh nuts, olive oil, as well as fish, poultry, cheese and yogurt in your daily menu.

This diet is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle that serves every food with delicious taste. They use spices, herbs and olive oil as for the ingredients. The method of cooking is processed by burning, steaming, and baking.

All food ingredients prepared in the Mediterranean diet are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. They are not only giving benefit for overall health, but also especially well for heart, depression, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

Even, according to the study results of the NU-Age project which was presented at 2016, the Mediterranean diet can reduce the C-reactive protein levels, which are inflammatory markers in the body that cause aging and can reduce bone erosion rates for people with osteoporosis.

In addition, you need to know if you want to lose weight with the Mediterranean diet, you have to do it for more than six months.

This diet must also be balanced with regular physical exercise. The Mediterranean diet is claimed to be far healthier than a low-fat diet and also have last long result.