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8 Supporting Foods for Shrinking Your Belly Fat

A distended stomach must interfere with your appearance. In fact, you become inferior to try on clothes that are currently trending. Don’t worry, if you are on a diet program, there are some foods that can help reduce your belly fat. Intrigued by any food? Food choices play a big role to streamline the stomach.

Why Regain Weight After Dieting? Avoid with This Way!

One of the hardest parts of a diet is maintaining the ideal body weight that has been achieved. Not infrequently, after going down for several weeks, body weight can go back up in quick time. The cause can come from a major decrease in your metabolism. Why is that and how to avoid it? Some

Why Eating Slowly Help to Losing Weight?

In fact, eating slowly can make you full faster. That is why this eating habit will be very suitable for those of you who intend to lose weight. By feeling full faster, it will help you not to eat frantically and accumulate the excess of calories in your body. However, why can eating slowly make

Healthy Diet >> 8 Tips to Lose Weight and Improve Health

It is the common knowledge, if everyone would want an ideal body with the smallest possible weight. For the sake of realizing their dream, many people who have a weight that they feel are not ideal for going on a diet. Diet is indeed one of the effective ways to lose weight. One of them

Mediterranean Diet Tips to Reduce Weight Effectively

According to a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, a Mediterranean diet is a low-fat diet that has a greater chance of succeeding for and its long-term nature compared to other similar diets. Besides that, the waist circumference will also experience a steady and continuous reduction in size. Many mistakenly think that

Why Not Losing Weight on Keto Diet|6 Mistakes

Keto diet has become a popular diet pattern that is claimed to be effective in losing weight. But, not everyone who practices this diet pattern gets the expected results. Sometimes, when applying this diet we don’t realize some of the mistakes we make. In fact, that mistake makes our goal fail to have an ideal

Best Keto Meal Plan Safely for Beginners

The ketogenic weight loss plan focuses on foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrates. If normal fat consumption is limited to about 20-30% of daily needs, the ketogenic diet recommends fat intake up to 60-70%. The carbohydrate intake is also greatly reduced to only 5% of daily needs in general. As a

Recognize These Basics Concepts on Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has been named as the best diet of this year. If you want to live it, you need to understand the basic concepts of this diet. It is not just a diet; many health experts call the Mediterranean diet as a lifestyle. This diet is inspired by people in the Mediterranean region

Best Diet to Lose Weight Fast in 2019

U.S. News and World Report always release the best type of diet for every each year. A panel which are from number of nutritionists, diabetes specialists, cardiologists and weight loss experts analyzed 41 types of diets circulating in the community. They are including the keto diet, Weight Watchers and Atkins. And for this year, the