Foods That You Are Unaware of Making Weight Increase Drastically

Already set the eating pattern in such a way, but the weight doesn’t also go down?

It could be that during this time you have chosen the wrong type of food.

Yes, there are some foods that taste delicious, but it turns out that secretly making your weight quickly rises.

Instead of making the body healthy, the following types of food actually cause rapid weight gain.

Try to remember again, are you still eating one of the following types of food?

1. Foods that are high in starch

Foods that contain starch (flour), such as white rice, white bread, pasta, or biscuits, contain low fiber which can inhibit the process of digestion of the food. This causes blood sugar and insulin levels in the body to increase.

The hormone insulin functions to transfer glucose in the blood to the fat cells. Later, these fat cells will convert glucose into energy.

If the insulin level increases, coupled with too much carbohydrate intake, fat cells will have difficulty in burning the glucose into energy. As a result, fat in the body actually accumulates and causes the weight to gain.

2. Sweet foods and drinks

For those of you who love sweet foods such as cakes, ice cream, soda, or candy, you should try reducing the portions. This type of food can be the cause of weight gain, you know!

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, 600 ml or 1.5 glasses of soda contain 15-18 teaspoons of sugar and 240 calories.

The more sugar intake, the blood glucose level increases and is difficult to convert into energy. So do not be surprised if later the amount of fat in the body increases and the weight continues to rise.

3. Red meat and processed meat

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2010 revealed that eating large amounts of red meat was proven to increase the body weight.

Not only that, red meat and its ingredients, such as sausages, also contain high saturated fat.  This can cause many health problems, starting with high cholesterol, hypertension, to heart disease.

4. Fries

Fries are often used as a mainstay snack when watching TV. But unfortunately, savory salty foods that make this addictive can also cause rapid weight gain.

Each 100 grams of fried potatoes contain 312 calories which is equivalent to a single serving of breakfast. Imagine, right, how many “breakfast” portions do you eat each time snacking on fries?