Not Confident When Talking to Others? Come on, Try These 4 Tips!

If you often get a stomach ache or cold sweat when talking to other people, you are not alone. Reporting from the Huffington Post, 75 percent of adults feel insecure when they have to communicate with others. In fact, you know that communication is important for interacting with the people around.

Whether for business purposes or just talking casually, you must be able to communicate well. Because the way you communicate is what will determine whether the message you carry is really conveyed well or not.

If you are afraid or lack confidence in speaking, this can make your speech unclear and halting. As a result, the message becomes difficult to understand and triggers misperception.

How to communicate with others confidently

That’s why it’s important to know the right way to communicate. The more often you practice communicating, and then over time you will be more confident when talking to other people. In fact, you can appear confidently when you have to present in front of many people.

Well, here are the steps to train your confidence to talk to other people:

1. Practice speaking in a mirror

The first step to train how to communicate with other people is to talk alone. Reporting from Psychology Today, practicing self-talk or talking alone can help increase your confidence.

Stand in front of the mirror and watch your own facial expressions. Start talking clearly and don’t rush. Suppose you are talking to your own friend.

This can help find out the reason behind your fear of others. For example, you are not confident when talking to other people because you feel your appearance is not attractive. Well, here you can pay attention to which parts are less attractive, then fix them.

And if you are afraid to talk because your speech is unclear, you can fix it from now on. So, you can know where the error is and find a solution.

2. Don’t be afraid of being wrong

You may feel inferior to talk with other people for fear of being wrong. Yes, you are afraid that everything you convey will be criticized later and make your guts shrivel up.

An important key to practicing confident communication is never to be afraid of being wrong. Remember, even a professional host must have experienced a misjudgment, so it’s only natural that later you will miss a mistake on the sidelines of the conversation.

Most importantly, convey your words well and clearly. If later you miss a word or trigger a difference of opinion, apologize immediately and discuss well. When you have dared to speak without fear of being wrong, this means that your communication method has improved from before.

3. Increase practice talking with friends

John Grindrod, an author of Concretopia: A Journey Around the Rebuilding of Post-War Britain, reveals that a person’s level of confidence is shaped by the environment. If you are in the midst of people who rarely speak out, then you might be carried away to keep quiet constantly.

Ask for help from your closest friends to practice good communication. Sit face to face with your friend, and then talk about anything. After that, ask your friends to correct what is lacking, for example, how to talk that is too fast, unclear, or too busy.

Next, try to get out of your comfort zone and mingle with friends who are actively talking. Inevitably, you will be forced to respond to the conversation. Indirectly, this will train how to communicate and make you more confident.

4. Have a faith that you can do it

It’s natural that you still feel nervous or afraid to start a conversation. To overcome this, try to adjust your breath slowly and stay calm.

Being calm can help increase your confidence, you know!

Suppose that each person you talk to is a friend, sibling, or person you often talk to. Over time, your way of communicating will be trained and smoothly by itself. Don’t be afraid to try and prove that you can communicate with confidence in front of other people.