The Best Type of Music That Suitable for Sleeping

There are many ways you can do when you have trouble in sleeping. Such as turning off the room lights, installing aromatherapy or listening to bedtime music.

You may still be confused when choosing a song. Does it really have to be a mellow or rock song, or it is just base on your favorite song?

The benefits of music in overcoming sleep disorders have been felt by many people. You might also have proven yourself that listening to bedtime music can help improve the quality of your sleeping.

The ideal lullaby, what is it like?

However, you are often still confused when determining which genre of music is suitable. Actually, is there an ideal and effective sleep music that makes sleeping better? Is it true that soft songs are the best lullaby?

A German researcher, Laszlo Harmat, revealed to Today that classical music is most recommended as bedtime music. This was confirmed by a study in the Journal of Advanced Nursing in 2008, that classical music proved to be effective in reducing sleep problems.

This is because classical music has a low tone and a slow rhythm, around 60 beats per minute. This is because the slow rhythm in the classical music can help lower your heart rate to be more relaxed towards sleep.

Also, songs with a low tone and a little percussion in classical music can make you sleepy faster. Anxiety, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing slow down so that your body becomes more relaxed.

However, what if you don’t like classical music? Relax, jazz can be a good alternative to lullaby, you know! When you heard jazz, you will be taken to remember memories that are both fun and soothing. You also fall asleep faster afterwards.

Try listening to various genres of music before going to bed

Although songs with slow rhythms are the best choice of lullaby, everyone still has different musical tastes. There are people who don’t like classical music, but can actually go to sleep quickly after hearing their favorite music, even if it’s pop or rock music.

But indeed, music with a fast rhythm can increase heart rate and can make you longer to fall asleep. If you are confused about determining the best lullaby music, just try listening to several genres of music before going to bed. See and prove for yourself which is the most effective way to make you fall asleep quickly every night.