Tips for Success in Dating and Continuing the Relationship

Do you often wonder why your dating is always fruitless? Don’t despair, you can still, how come, fix it.

It could be that during that time you are going with the wrong strategy.

For that, let’s take a look at the successful dating tips from a romance expert in the United States.

In order for your date to go as expected, it seems you need to apply some specific strategies.

Jill P. Weber, Ph.D., a romance expert from the United States provides some successful dating tips that you need to apply.

1. Optimistic

Weber states that people who are usually successful in dating are optimistic people. Optimism means believing that there is always a chance that the date you do will succeed. With this optimism, a person usually has higher self-esteem.

With high self confidence someone usually looks more attractive because they can freely express and communicate without feeling awkwardly. Your date partner will easily see your character when that confidence arises.

It’s a different story if even before going to a dating; you’ve been pessimistic that ‘this date won’t work’. Especially, if you even feel inferior and not feel qualified enough to date your idol at the heart.

If this happens, you will continue to be haunted by the shortcomings and worries you have in the mind. As a result, chat becomes unpleasant because your focus is actually divided.

2. Don’t push yourself too much

Have you only been thinking about the results of yours each date? If so, from now on change this thinking. The reason is if you are too fixated on the results then you will instead try to be as perfect as possible.

 As a result, you tend to be stiff and keep the image in front of the other person. You also pretend to be a person who you think is coveted by him/her, even though you usually don’t behave like that.

Remember, having a relationship doesn’t always have to end in courtship. It’s true that you are dating to find a partner; but what is wrong if this date is also used as a place to add more friends.

Try to enjoy the process and run as it is. That way, you will not be too anxious and desperate in case the person in front of you is not as expected.

3. Maintain your physical appearance

Physical is the first thing you see when you meet someone. Therefore, maintaining a physical appearance is a must.

For that, you can do many things so that you have an attractive physical looks.

Exercising regularly, eating healthy food, keeping your breath fresh, using smooth perfume are some kind of the ways you can do. With an attractive physical appearance, other people will be interested in being near you.

4. Don’t be easily discouraged

Dating is not always smooth. Therefore, you must not give up mentality in yourself. The eyes of the other person who imply disinterest and refusal should not be paced as an obstacle, especially used as an excuse for your inferiority.

You must believe that finding the right partner is not easy and requires more effort. For that, don’t be easily discouraged just because you are often rejected. Sometimes it’s not your personality or physique that is less attractive; it’s just that you haven’t been met with the right person.

However, you also need to continue to self-monitor each failure you receive. Approximately what caused you to be rejected? After knowing the answer, fix what can be fixed as for the next date.